6 Piece $9

12 Piece $16

Smoked and grilled wings tossed in garlic buffalo, or bbq sauce. Served with jalapeno ranch

Deviled Eggs (v) $8

Lemon, green onion, tarragon

Spicy Edamame(v) $8

Fresh edamame tossed in sesame oil and Merchant red pepper seasoning

Pretzel Bites(v) $10

House made soft pretzel. Served with jalapeno cheese and sauce

Carnitas Nachos(c) $14

Freshly fried tortilla chips covered in carnitas, homemade black beans, jalapenos, avocado verde, sour cream, jack and cheddar cheese and topped off with onions and cilantro. Served with a side of salsa

Steak Tips $15

Marinated tenderloin, garlic toast, blue cheese béchamel

Buffalo Cauliflower (v) $9

Battered and lightly fried. Served with garlic buffalo and jalapeno ranch

Garlic Truffle Fries (v) $7

Fries topped with homemade garlic truffle oil and topped with romano cheese. Served with truffle aioli

Chicken Fingers $7

Freshly breaded and lightly fried tenders. Served with your choice of Garlic Buffalo or BBQ sauce

Mac & Cheese(v) $9

Truffle or Jalapeno

Diablo Sliders $13

Fried chicken topped with mashed potatoes, dill slaw. Served with fries and side of Diablo sauce.

Merchant Sliders $13

Burgers topped with cheddar, pickles, 1000 island dressing, tomato and lettuce. Served with fries.

Brussels Sprout Gratin(v) $10

Cheddar Bechemal sauce, cranberry gastrique and pistachios.

Thirsty Tots (c) $12

Topped with bacon, pepperoni, and our delicious cheddar cheese sauce

On The Waterfront

Salmon Tacos $13

Blackened salmon, cabbage, red salsa, chipotle cream, pickled onion, cilantro and topped with cotija. Served with black beans.


All burgers come with choice of fries, tots or arugula salad. Sub onion rigns for $2 more. Gluten free bun for $2 more. Sub Plant based for $3 more. Vegan cheese $2 more.

Merchant Burger $13

Cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, pickles and merchant sauce

Cali Burger $13

Turkey patty, provolone cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion and basil aioli

Plant Based (v) $14

Plant based patty, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and basil aioli.

Black & Blue Burger $14

Blackened burger, arugula, onion straws, tomato, blue cheese crumbles and garlic aioli.

Western Burger $14

Cheddar Cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion rings and BBQ sauce.

Burger of the Moment $13

Ask your server for all the deets.


All sandwiches come with choice of fries, tots or arugula salad. Sub onion rings for $2 more. Gluten free bun for $2 more. Vegan cheese for $2 more.

Southern Livin’ $14

Buttermilk fried chicken, pimento cheese and dill pickle slaw

The Hen $13

Fresh grilled chicken breast, Provolone cheese, avocado, butter lettuce, tomato, and basil aioli.

Philly $14

Thinly sliced beef, white American cheese, grilled onions and mushrooms.

Thirsty Grau $13

Crispy chicken breast tossed with garlic buffalo topped with melted provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and jalapeno ranch


Add Chicken OR Plant Based Patty +4 Steak or Salmon +8

Buffalo Chicken (c) $15

Butter  lettuce, carrots, tomato, onion, gorganzola and chicken  tossed in our garlic Buffalo sauce. Served with jalapeno ranch

Merchant Chopped Salad (c) $12

Romaine, provolone, black olives, artichoke hearts, garbanzo beans, diced tomatoes, pepperoncini, red onion. Tossed with merchant vinaigrette

Market Salad (v) $10

Butter lettuce, avocado, shallot, egg, pecorino. Served with lemon vinaigrette

Flat Breads

Sub Vegan Cheese for $2 more.

Margherita $10

Basil, mozzarella and red sauce

Pepperoni $12

Mozzarella, pepperoni, and red sauce

Flatbread of the Moment $13

Ask your server for details.


Peanut Butter Pie $8

An amazing combo of peanut butter cups, crushed peanuts and peanut butter on an oreo crust

Hot Brownie Sundae $10

Vanilla Ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, whipped cream and pistachio nuts.

Happy Hour

7 Days a week 4pm-8pm

Buffalo Blue Fries $6

Margherita Flatbread $8

Deviled Eggs $5

Sliders $9

Spicy Edamame $5

Buffalo Cauliflower $6


2 for $2 more: Get a second drink for only $2 more


Served Saturday & Sunday 11am-2pm

Thirsty Slam $12

Choice of baked truffle eggs or boursin cheese scrambled eggs, bacon, tots and multigrain toast

Breakfast Flatbread $14

Pizza sauce, mozzarella, eggs and bacon

Mexican Wrap $10

scrambled egg, black beans, avocado, cheddar cheese, bacon and onion. Served with salsa and a side of tots

Avocado Toast $11

Avocado, lemon, red pepper, sesame seed and poached egg served with side arugula salad

French Toast $10

Texas toast topped with brown sugar and maple syrup. Served with a side of bacon

Daily Specials

Monday – Merchant Bingo** 8-10pm

Tuesday – $1 Tacos (chicken or carnitas) – Pub Trivia 8PM

Wednesday- Buck & Change Burgers All Day** – Trike Races 9PM

Thursday – Karaoke 10pm